Ruby Duck exists to take the pain out of all aspects of IT.

We can advise on a range of subjects from new build and infrastructure design to shared services, cloud computing and social media strategies. Check out the Services page for more details. We can help with all manner of IT operational matters including policy and procedure development, organisational or operational health checks, pre-audit or pre-inspection reviews and management of projects. With over 20 years of experience in IT Management we are able to offer interim resourcing from a few days to several months covering strategic, operational and project management activities. Please drop us a line if you think we can help.

interim management

Interim Management

With over 20 years experience of managing large and complex teams we are ideally placed to join an organisation to take the reins for as little or as long as required.

Whether the requirement is for cover for an existing manager who is currently engaged in some other activity, to cover a period of time between the departure of one manager and the recruitment of another or to manage a team through a review of operations and a reshaping of service – we can help.

IT Strategy development

IT Strategy

All modern organisations need to maximise their use of IT to have the maximum flexibility moving forward.

It is crucial that this development of IT is structured and balances the desire to keep up with the latest IT trends with the need to make cost effective and efficient decisions on the future of IT within the organisation.

Ruby Duck can help with the development of an IT strategy that is right for your organisation.

Procurement services

IT Procurement

With budgets tightening it is more important than ever that organisations use sound procurement processes to eke out the best value from suppliers while delivering the benefits that the procured goods or service are designed for.

But procurement regulations get ever more dense and the time needed to develop a robust procurement exercise that balances the need for fairness to suppliers with desired outcomes for the organisation grows with them.

Ruby Duck can help.

IT review services

IT Review

A fresh pair of eyes.

That is the service we are offering with IT reviews. However well, or badly, you think you are doing a fresh, unbiased opinion can help you focus on moving to the next level.

Whether this is how you are structured, how much your service costs, how your service sits with other parts of the organisation, how your users and other stakeholders see the service or even how your IT strategy and technology choices are panning out; we can help.

Policy and Procedure development

Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures form the bedrock of any IT operation. We can develop and deliver bespoke policies and procedures across a range of topics, based on best practice models that have been used successfully for many years in a range of organisations.

project management services

Project and Programme Management

Project management provides an increasingly important role in helping organisations decide what to concentrate their limited resources on and ensure that the outcomes deliver the expected benefits on time and to budget. Ruby Duck has experienced projects big and small and can help at all stages and at an appropriate level of project management to fit the scope of the project. We can help with individual stages, full project lifecycles or complex programme management requirements for multi-project activities.



Recent Work

  • Nottingham College

    Following on from the engagement to act as ICT Consultant for the City Hub project, Nottingham College have also now engaged with Ruby Duck to provide interim IT Director support.

  • Nottingham College

    I am pleased to announce that Ruby Duck has been retained by Nottingham College to act as ICT Consultant for their £60 million City Hub campus new build.

  • Alpha Academies Trust

    Ruby Duck are pleased to announce they have been asked by Alpha Academies Trust to deliver a range of ICT management services over the coming months.

  • stoke college logo

    Ruby Duck is pleased to be selected by Stoke on Trent College to provide a full review of their ICT Services.

  • College Academies Trust

    College Academies Trust has asked Ruby Duck to continue to support it with a range of ICT projects and to implement the new ICT Managed Service.

  • College Academies Trust

    The College Academies Trust of Stoke-on-Trent selects Ruby Duck to manage the procurement of a new ICT Managed Service.

What People Say

  • Delivered exactly what we needed in a cost effective and flexible manner helping us every step of the way to a very successful outcome. We heartily recommend them.