Following the successful procurement exercise to secure a new ICT Managed Service I am please to report that the College Academies Trust have asked Ruby Duck to help them with a number of other activities.  These include;

  • Managing the implementation of the new ICT Managed Service including drawing together the contract and technical schedules of service
  • Acting as Internal Project Manager for the implementation of a large scale redesign of the CAT Active Directory services to make CAT and it’s member academies part of a single organisation with single sign-on across the wider CAT estate
  • Act as Internal Project Manager to bring the Maple Court Academy into the ICT Managed Service and onto the newly developed CAT Active Directory service
  • Work as Project Lead to implement a new cross-CAT telephony system
  • Work as Project Lead to implement new internet connectivity to all academies
  • Develop a more coherent Trust wide model for IT investment and development to ensure that a strategic approach is taken to IT expenditure
  • Work to ensure that Trust activities not initially part of the new ICT Managed Service nevertheless have in place solid, service level driven support services with clear budgets

We are looking forward to working alongside colleagues in the Trust and the ICT Managed Services partner to ensure successful outcomes for all of the above and any further initiatives that may come along.

College Academies Trust
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