The following is a more detailed CV for Drew Keavey, principal consultant for Ruby Duck.

I am an experienced IT Professional with an extensive knowledge of all aspects of technology and with over 20 years’ experience managing large and varied teams including IT operations, infrastructure, development and support. I have experience across the whole lifecycle of IT projects from the initial gathering of client requirements through design and budgeting to procurement and project management. I am an excellent communicator and able to work effectively with colleagues at all levels within an organisation. I am enthusiastic, positive and work with energy and diligence to ensure the success of whatever I am doing. I am also flexible and willing to embrace and manage change. As a member of senior management teams for the past ten years I have had the opportunity to work on numerous cross disciplinary projects which have further increased my range of skills.


Professional Experience and Significant Achievements

Ruby Duck Ltd
April 2016 – Present

Following my departure from Westminster Kingsway College to relocate back in Derbyshire I established a company to offer IT consultancy, interim management, procurement and support services to education and other public sector establishments.

Key Achievements
  • Worked with a multi-academy trust to run their procurement exercise for the provision of a fully managed ICT service for their three academies including identifying a suitable framework, generating the paperwork and requirements output specification for the request for further competition against the framework, organising and facilitating a supplier day, creating the scoring methodology and scoring the tenders and advising on post contract award discussions
  • Worked with a multi-academy trust to project manage a summer project to completely rebuild their active directory/Office 365 infrastructure and develop a “group” structure
  • Following the successful procurement exercise to select a new managed ICT Service for the multi-academy trust above I was re-engaged to help oversee the contractual completion and implementation of the service including leading on the initial client update meetings to ensure that the new service delivered as per the procurement response
  • Worked with a multi-academy trust to implement a new telephony system across the group to ensure consistency across the constituent parts of the group

Westminster Kingsway College
Head of ILT
August 2014-February 2016

Main Responsibilities
  • Strategic Leadership and Management of ILT Services and Print Services with a team of 12
  • Development of College Vision and Strategy for IT
  • Management of revenue budgets, currently totalling £1million per annum, with a capital budget of around £500,000 per annum
  • Active member of College Management Team
Key Achievements
  • Wrote, consulted on and gained approval for a 3-year IT vision and strategy to move the College to a mobile focussed, cloud based IT service
  • New service desk system selected, procured and implemented to move the IT support services to an ITIL based support system to increase customer satisfaction and provide better KPI based reporting and service
  • Restructured the team to ensure a focussed and lean service to support the complex needs of the organisation
  • Move core services of email, file storage and SharePoint to Office 365 for 20,000 students and staff
  • Move the College VLE from a hosted Moodle system to Moodlerooms hosted service with mobile friendly responsive design
  • Developed a plan to bring the College back to a regular phased replacement plan including the replacement of around 600 machines per year
  • Implemented laptop Self-Service loan system at two sites allowing 162 laptops to be loaned by students with no staff involvement
  • Managed the IT aspects of the major refurbishment of the College’s Grade 2 listed Victoria campus and new construction centre build at the Kings Cross centre

Coriana Consulting Ltd
Managing Director
August 2011-March 2015

Following redundancy from Colchester Institute I established a company offering IT consultancy, interim management, pre-audit and pre-inspection assistance and support services to education and other public sector establishments.

Key Achievements
  • Immediately following the Interim Associate – IT role I worked with NHS Arden CS to Project Manage their transition from 3 outsourced IT providers to a single provider for all their operational IT requirements, moving around 350 people into a consistent IT environment
  • Worked with NHS Arden Commissioning Support as an Interim Associate – IT Services to oversee the IT elements of transition from the Primary Care Trust model of NHS operation to the new Clinical Commissioning model including defining, negotiating and managing SLAs with both customer and supplier organisations, roll out of new finance system, procurement of support services for the ACS internal IT requirements and definition of new IT policies and processes for the ACS and its six customer CCGs
  • Worked with a number of Colleges to undertake a technical interview process to secure both high quality senior IT Infrastructure personnel and also senior IT leadership roles including IT Director posts
  • Worked with Derby College to write the tender and manage the procurement process for a major upgrade of their VDI system with a value in excess of £120,000 including development of technical requirements and scoring matrix
  • Worked with a Northern College to develop a Business Continuity and Disaster Management Plan for the organisation as a whole
  • Worked with a South Coast organisation to prepare IT Security, Information Security, Data Protection and Records Management Policies along with operating procedures to meet compliance with UK Government requirements
  • Worked with a South West College to review IT staffing levels, roles and provided recommendations to ensure they were able to deliver outstanding services within a tight budgetary framework
  • Worked with Derby College Senior Management in the completion of the College Self-Assessment Report including area SAR and data validation
  • Provided six months interim management of IT Services and Student Records for Derby College

Colchester Institute
Director of IT and Operations (West) August 2010-August 2011

Main Responsibilities
  • Strategic Leadership and Management of IT Services, College Funding and Management Information and Fundraising – a team of 35
  • Development of College Vision and Strategy for IT
  • Managing College funding including curriculum design, ILR management and liaising with relevant funding bodies on future direction and allocations
  • Management of revenue budgets, currently totalling £3.5 million per annum
  • Senior Management Responsibility for the College at Braintree Campus
  • Active member of College Senior Leadership and Management Team
Key Achievements
  • Wrote, presented and gained board approval for a comprehensive three year vision and strategy for the development of IT Infrastructure, support and management information reporting, along with this strategy there was an action plan that enacted the initial 12 months priorities
  • Successful integration of systems, software and processes with the recently merged Braintree College
  • Full campus wireless tender undertaken in line with EU regulations, contractor appointed with work commenced in June 2011 for completion September 2011
  • CRM tender brought to scoping stage with selected vendor being tasked to implement a system based on an agreed set of business priorities
  • Tender for the provision of print services including multi-function devices, photo copiers and reprographics with scoping partners being selected at the end of May for full implementation starting September 2011
  • Reporting strategy developed to inform how management information would be transformed from reactive reporting to business intelligence model with the emphasis on users being able to view “their” data interactively irrespective of system
  • Initial movement of services into a cloud model with the provision of student email being moved from an internal Microsoft Exchange system to the Microsoft Live@EDU service for students enrolling for the 2011/2012 year
  • Comprehensive replacement of the network at the College’s main campus designed with the costs incorporated into the College 2011/2012 budget
  • New service desk software package procured and preparation for implementation, including the development of a service catalogue, communications plan and internal procedures to ensure enormous improvements to customer satisfaction and performance of the support teams, completed

Derby College
IT Director
December 1997-July 2010

Main Responsibilities
  • Strategic Leadership and Management of IT Services, Library Services, Learning Technology, Reprographics and Archive – a team of 60
  • Development of College Vision for IT Services and ILT
  • Management of revenue budgets totalling £3.5 million per annum
  • Management of capital budget for IT projects – in excess of £1 million per annum excluding new build projects
  • Active member of College Senior Leadership Team

Key Achievements

  • Ran the IT and systems project for first three-way merger of FE Colleges to form Derby College – the project included all infrastructure, hardware, software and support organisation requirements – achieved on time and to budget
  • Developed and enacted an ITIL based support structure to create a service based IT support operation including procurement of a service desk management system
  • Design of infrastructure and project management for the £350,000 IT portion of the new build project “The Joseph Wright Centre” – part of the overall building design team and responsible for all IT aspects from data cabling and network design to final commissioning of the infrastructure – achieved on time and to budget
  • Project lead for the £1.7 million IT project that formed part of the £50 million build and renovation of the Grade 2 listed “Roundhouse”.  Designed and managed the implementation of a new network infrastructure, including total wireless coverage of the site, a new main College server room and the introduction of new technologies such as thin client laptops to replace static classroom based resources.  The site opened on schedule in September 2009 and the IT project was completed in budget
  • Managed the relocation of the College main IT servers and services to the Roundhouse
  • Managed the IT project to undertake a further merger between Derby College and South East Derbyshire College – responsible for all aspects of IT and information systems – achieved on time and to budget
  • Managed the development of a range of in-house College systems including MARA – a student tracking system for managing tutorials and individual learning plans – and the College Curriculum Planning software used to manage the College business planning activities – the system links to, and draws data from, the College Student Records and Finance systems and automatically updates the College web based prospectus
  • Managed a project to ensure that all 500 teaching staff were issued a laptop including a training programme to ensure that they first met basic skills levels and then developed those skills to improve teaching

Other Professional Activities


Member of the AoC National IT and MIS Groups Founder and Chair – AoC East Midlands Heads of IT Group
Member of the AoC/JANET Liaison Group Member of the AoC Shared Services Forum
Member of the AoC/BIS Consultation Group Member BECTA Stakeholder Advisory Group
Member of the ACER (AoC Eastern Region) Joint IT Procurement Group


Early Career


Company Position Held Dates
RESOURCE Developer and Technical Support Supervisor 1994 – 1997
Honormead Software Programmer 1991 – 1994


Academic Background


BSc Chemistry Hatfield Polytechnic 1989 – 1991
A Level Chemistry

A Level Biology

South East Derbyshire College C 1987 – 1989
O Level Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, English Language, English Literature Heanor Gate School B 1980 – 1985
O Level Maths, Music, Geography C

Other Information


  • Outside of a professional environment, I hold a keen interest in reading, listening to a diverse variety of music, computer games, digital photography and walking.  I also enjoy socialising, especially cooking for friends and family.  In addition I am a keen watcher of sports, particularly football, cricket and rugby league.
  • I am a member of CAMRA and The Association of Computing Machinery (ACM).

A downloadable (PDF) version of this CV can be found here and an up to date copy can be found on LinkedIn.