Procurement has always been an important aspect of IT in the public sector.  When spending tax-payers money there is a need to ensure that best value is being achieved in every purchase.  However best value isn’t always the same as lowest price and having a process that balances the price with the overall quality of the goods or services is important.

As budgets have become ever tighter the need to extract the best value has increased the need for robust procurement exercises.  At the same time the weight of procurement legislation and rules relating to the advertisement of procurements above a certain value to the official journal of the EU and the proliferation of framework agreements to act as a balance have meant that running a procurement exercise has become a time consuming exercise.

Ruby Duck can help.  We have been responsible for procurement processes ranging from simple tenders for goods such as PC and laptops through to full OJEU processes.  We have undertaken many processes that use the request for further competition approach using the excellent frameworks available and these have been for everything from mobile phones to telephony infrastructure through to fully managed IT services.

Each procurement is unique but having the experience of so many successful projects helps to ensure that an appropriate level of process is used and that this process is robust and delivers a cost effective yet exemplary solution.

As with all of our services we can do everything from a simple one day exercise to advise on the appropriate method of procurement for a given project or a quick check to ensure that the documentation produced in-house fits with the procurement type through to a fully managed procurement via a framework where we write the specification and other documentation, manage the suppliers, undertake the scoring and handle the feedback once a successful bid has been selected.