We’ve all been there; the business as usual is keeping you occupied all the time and there are days when you wonder if it’s just you or if everyone else is having the same thought.  How are your services delivering to the people who matter, your users, your customers.  Are your plans right for the  coming months and years.  Is your structure working and as efficient as it can be.  How are you going to make those savings that the FD is demanding or how are you going to convince her not take any more from your team as there is nothing to give before service starts to suffer.

Sometimes it just needs a fresh pair of eyes.  A fresh perspective.

With our IT Review service we can look at as much or as little of the operation as you need and can do everything from a quick sanity check based on 20 years experience managing IT teams through good times and bad through to full stakeholder interview based reviews to really get to the heart of what your service offering should look like for the years ahead.

And it doesn’t have to just be about the service and the people.  We can also help you look at your technology choices and direction of travel for devices and services.  Again, everything from a sanity check that your move to the cloud is right through to an in-depth look at budgets and assets to work out a plan for the future.

We can also help with service improvement.  When you are in the thick of it there is every chance that the wood and the trees are becoming indistinguishable and you may wonder where to go next.  Are your users saying things about your service that you don’t recognise?  Does it really take that long to get something done?  Our stats don’t say that.  Are we measuring the right things in the right way?  Do our processes work like we think they do on the flow chart?  How do we get even better?

We can help you draw out the answers to those and many more questions with a service improvement process.  Whether it is with your team or with your users, although preferably with both, we can get to the bottom of where you are now and help you to plan and implement changes that will improve your service and make sure you are very much adding value to your organisation.

If you think we can help, or if you’d just like to find out more please get in touch.