Projects come in all shapes and sizes from a single influx of new kit, through an annual refresh of end user and infrastructure equipment, a new software package through to merger and new build level multiple workstream programmes.  Increasingly the senior leaders and those responsible for overall governance for an organisation, not to mention the funders of larger scale projects, are seeking reassurance that projects are being organised in a manner that decreases risk and increases the likelihood of a successful implementation both in terms of delivering the benefits imagined by the project’s instigator and being on time and within the agreed budget.  For larger projects the early identification of potential risks and issues, along with mitigating activities gives the stakeholders comfort that they are in control of what is happening.

All too often the management of these projects falls to the already overstretched IT department with no reduction in workload to offset these increased activities.  We can help.  Here at Ruby Duck we don’t believe in one size fits all solutions.  Not every project requires a full PRINCE II approach to manage the risks and ensure delivery.  We can offer a range of project management approaches that range from simple oversight and tracking of third parties against a time/budget plan through to a full PRINCE II lifecycle including developing project mandates, business cases, budgets, project initiation all the way through delivery to project close.

Some examples of the projects we have worked on include;

  • Annual IT refresh for both devices and infrastructure
  • Core business systems replacement including finance, HR and MIS systems
  • Cloud migration
  • Data centre refresh
  • Full new build including design of infrastructure, procurement and implementation phases
  • ICT Service Management outsourcing including procurement and implementation phases
  • Mergers covering all ICT aspects including infrastructure, systems, staffing, service redesign and rationalisation and post merger strategy development

Whatever your needs we can help – we can even simply advise you on what we feel would be an appropriate methodology to employ for your project.